Several steps have been taken to stop further deterioration of the air quality of Chandigarh, such as:-

1. Alternative fuel like LPG driven vehicles have been promoted by the Administration. Subsidy on Battery operated vehicles has been given by the Department of Science and Technology.

2. Chandigarh is all set to become a model solar city. A number of solar power plants of 2 Megawatt Peak (Mwp) are sanctioned and being installed.

3. Strict control over industrial pollution is exercised. Hazardous waste is being disposed category wise using recyclers and land filling etc.

4. Traffic lights are synchronized for better traffic flow of vehicles.  Small rotaries are closed to ensure grid based movements of the traffic

5. Cycle tracks have been completely developed for slow moving cycle traffic.

6. Walking and cycling is promoted. Chandigarh is found as the most walk able city of India in recent survey.

7. CPCC has started monitoring ambient air quality at five places covering different parts of Chandigarh.

8. Many projects including the treatment of biomedical waste, hazardous waste and e-waste etc are ongoing.

9. CPCC is conducting studies and monitoring the respective status in Chandigarh. 

10. Massive plantations have been carried out and the total green cover of the city is increased over years.

12. Burning of leaves has been banned

13. Government has cleared DPR of metro to pave the way for mass transport system to discourage private vehicles’ use.


Source: SOER 2012, Chandigarh