CGW Toxic Elements in Ground Water








Water Samples of Tap Water

0.009-0.015 mg/l

0.006-0.007 mg/l

0.000-0.030 mg/l

0.130-1.390 mg/l



Water Samples of Hand Pump

0.000-0.110 mg/l

0.004-0.006 mg/l

0.001-0.800 mg/l

0.100-3.430 mg/l



Water Samples of Tube well

0.000-0.022 mg/l

0.004-0.007 mg/l

0.003-0.360 mg/l

0.000-2.89 mg/l



Every house of the city has access to the clean drinking water supplied by the municipal corporation during the regular periods of time every day. Due to small agricultural fields, the use of harmful chemicals such as pesticides is also very controlled in the city. Thus the water quality of the Chandigarh lies within the limits as prescribed by the BIS standards of drinking water. Water analysis conducted by the Central Ground Board of the shallow and deep aquifers of the city shows the absence of any impurity including heavy metals.

Source: Central Ground Water Board, North Western Region, Chandigarh.