Ground water level of Chandigarh has declined at a fast speed in the last decade. The data collected by the CGWB, Chandigarh shows a gradual decrease in the total replenishable Groundwater Resources (3.636%) and the available ground water resources (3.645%).

Status of Ground Water




Annual Replenishable Ground Water Resources (MCM)

2255 ham

2173 ham

2156 ham

Available Ground Water Resource

2030 ham

1956 ham

1940 ham

Balance Ground Water

2030 ham

1956 ham

1940 ham

Provision for Industrial/Domestic and other uses & Natural Discharge etc.

225 ham

217 ham

216 ham


Source: Scientist D and TS For Regional Director, Suprintending Hydrogeologist For Reg. Dir.GroundWaterB.Chandigarh