Chandigarh the city beautiful is characterized as clean & green city. It is topping the country in number of trees per hectares of culturable non- forest area.  As per the latest report of the Forest Survey of India on the State of Forest Report -2003 (SFR-2003), Chandigarh has 33.6 trees per hectares of the culturable non-forest area, which is highest in the country. The total geographical area of U.T. Chandigarh including Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary is 140 sq. kms  As per SFR-2003, the forest cover of Chandigarh has increased by 7.5  sq. kms and the tree cover has increased by 6 sq. kms in comparison to the previous assessment (SFR-2001).  Thus, the total forest cover in Chandigarh as per SFR-2003 is 42 sq. kms and total tree cover is 8 sq.kms.  Thus, the total green cover of Chandigarh is 50 sq. kms which constitutes 35.7% of its total geographical area.  As per SFR-2001, the total green cover of Chandigarh was 26% which has now been increased to 35.7% of its geographical area.

          There is perceptible increase in the quality of forest cover also in Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary and other Reserve Forests. The role of Greening Departments like Forest Department, Horticulture Wings of Municipal Corporation and Engineering Department, Central Public Works Department etc. along with the support of environmental NGOs, Eco Clubs in the Schools and Colleges and other Government organizations, Resident Welfare Associations have played a vital role in increasing the green cover of Chandigarh.


Source: Articles on State of Forest Cover in Chandigarh.