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SUBJECT :Waste Management 

 With the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (MC) toying with the idea of slapping penalty on residents invoking the Solid Waste Management Rule 2018 mandating the segregation of solid waste material and handing the same to door-to-door collectors is absolutely unwarranted. The dispensation, instead of proposing the fine for violations, needs to look up for alternatives to improve the solid waste management in the tricity. The MC will do well by roping in the residents’ welfare committees to contribute their mite in checking the menace. Sector-wise general awareness campaigns aimed at disseminating the ground message may help check the littering of solid waste on roads or elsewhere in the open and help live ‘healthy and happy’ in filth-free environs. Random checks on the litterbugs under the supervision of municipality staff and even elected representatives can also help.

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Source: The Tribune, Chandigarh