When life thanks


Life is a gift of God and not just a joke

Surely it will be spoiled when you inhale the smoke

Don't be mistaken that tobacco is there to thrill you

You will enjoy it and it will slowly kill you

Even if you take occasionally, danger is not miles away

Occasion starts coming frequently and you have no say

Initially it was fun excitement and new taste

And then health deteriorates and wealth goes waste

One or other disease always takes the center stage

Suddenly you look much older than your age

Goes the charm of the face and vanishes natural glow

Cough starts, lungs get damaged and family gets a blow

It is better to control than dig one's own grave

Required is a strong will power and you will not be slave

Crush the burning desire and crush all the packs

A charming life will welcome you and will say thanks



                                                               DEEPAK KHETARPAL



for Hindi Display



Source: Poems on Smoking